About Hooterville
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Where is Hooterville?
Many people ask me "Where is HOOTERVILLE?". Now they can look for themselfs. HOOTERVILLE is on the map to the right, right on the big red dot that I took out. So don't ask me any more because I showed you exactly where HOOTERVILLE is on the map.

What is Hooterville Like?
Hooterville is a small town (pop.69) right by that place there, you know the one with the people, I can't remember the name of it but it's a place in a country. Hooterville has a cool town motto "Where we hunt'em for the rack" and if you want to see an awsome car than HOOTERVILLE is the place to go.

Where do people hang-out in Hooterville?
If you're looking for the cool people in HOOTERVILLE than check-out the drag strip, there are some people who like to stay home and sleep in all day and then there are the people who just walk around. HOOTERVILLE has a fun night-life too. When the lights come on the people get loud, because the people of HOOTERVILLE like to get to sleep nice and early so they can be ready for tomorrow.